Why Punters Choose to Bet on Lottery Results

Walk into any betting shop and there is a good chance you will find lotto betting slips or some sort of advertisement for playing a lottery bet. Plenty of customers will cite betting on lottery results as their favourite type of punt. But why is it so popular? And, why do they not just go out and buy a lottery ticket. In fact, there are several reasons for the continued popularity of lottery bets. These can include convenience, value, huge odds and the chance to ‘take part’ in a lottery draw from abroad.

Punters enjoy the fact that you pick lotteries from places like Ireland and bet on the results. Of course, it is normally not possible to get a ticket for these lottery draws from the local shop if you do not live in that country. The most popular lotteries that are followed by players include the Irish, Spanish and New York lotteries. There is also a twice daily draw specifically designed for lotto bets – 49’s. In total, players have around 20 draws a week to place their bets on.

William Hill betting site offers you Irish lotto to bet on
William Hill betting site offers you Irish lotto to bet on

As an example, the Irish Lotto costs €2 (approx. £1.80) for a single ticket. Placing a bet on the Irish Lotto results can cost as little as 1p per line. William Hill betting site offers you Irish Lotto to bet on results of the 6-ball or 7-ball draw online. The odds for matching three numbers in the bet are 610 to 1 for 6-ball and 330 to 1 for 7-ball. Compare that with a prize that fluctuates between £6 – £12 for matching three numbers in the Irish Lotto main draw. Indeed, the differences can be even more pronounced when betting on four (8000 to 1 for 6-ball) and five (150000 to 1 for 6-ball) numbers.

Of course, winning a lottery jackpot will award a life-changing sum of cash that could dwarf anything offered by the bookmakers. But the odds for making a lottery bet are certainly not small change either. Another advantage is that you can bet on just one or two numbers. Players will often play lines in the lotto bet, placing small bets on singles, doubles, trebles etc. from a selection of four or five numbers. Again, you can choose to make the bets for small or big stakes as desired.

Arguments can of course be made for both cases. Buying a lottery ticket has its merits, and the allure of that jackpot chance is hard to resist. However, it is also easy to see why betting on lottery results is a popular alternative. It has a less rigid format, allowing players to feel that they are designing a bet to their own tastes. There is also the undeniable fact of those huge odds for matching just a few numbers to the results. Playing lotteries and betting on lottery results do have one thing in common however – get enough numbers and you will earn so much cash that you will never feel the need to play again.